smartfiber AG celebrates its 10th anniversary: presence at the Heimtextil with many novelties by and for home textile producers

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Nowadays only high creativity, environmental awareness, and strong customer orientation can open up markets – that's the thinking and acting of smartfiber AG. The fiber manufacturer, based in the city of Rudolstadt in Thuringia, Germany, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. smartfiber AG develops and markets innovative high-tech fibers for the international market since 2005, with lasting successes; including this year's presence at the Heimtextil international trade fair.

The core competence of the company is to provide natural lyocell fibers that are enhanced by natural organic and inorganic additives with unique features. These functional fibers are produced in a highly scientific environment and are the basis for innovative products. They are protected by the SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive trademarks. Many high-quality products containing the SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive fibers show a dynamic upward trend on the market, also owing to the fact that smartfiber AG offers customized solutions in all areas. Ten years after its founding, the fibers of smartfiber AG are still an indispensable part of the international textile market.

10th anniversary of smartfiber AG: New exhibition booth with plenty of space for products with SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive, introduction of special brochures for home textile market

Home is where you feel most comfortable, and smartfiber AG produces fibers that give you the “Finally-at-home-feeling”! The SeaCell™ fiber with seaweed and the smartcel™ sensitive fiber with zinc offer exceptional skin protection and skin care properties. The high-quality fibers are already embedded in blankets, pillows, mattresses, bedding, bed linen, towels, bathrobes, bath mats and sleeping bags of many renowned providers. These home textiles have a soothing, regenerating, and protective effect on the skin of the user.

Visitors can see the benefits that home textiles with SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive offer at the new, expanded exhibition booth. Several manufacturers of various home textile segments will present their products containing smartfiber AG's power fibers. smartfiber AG will also present specially designed brochures at the trade fair to the home textile market. The brochures demonstrate the advantages that SeaCell™ and smartcel sensitive have for home textiles. Among other things they will describe in an informative and clear manner how the seaweed in SeaCell™ is like any vitalizing, good topical cream, and also how the zinc oxide in smartcel™ sensitive protects from harmful UV radiation.

Presentation: the campaigns for both fibers of smartfiber AG ensure emotion and attention

One particular highlight of smartfiber AG´s trade fair presence at the Heimtextil is the presentation of the new customer campaigns for the fibers SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive.

The campaign "The SeaCell™ effect" relies on a combination of expressive images and customized slogans. The individual motifs have been selected to combine key messages of the fiber with appealing illustrations of the fiber's applications. Therefore, each individual customer is being "spoken to" by a specific motif and subject, and can instantly be transported to experience the "SeaCell™ effect". The communication campaign with the slogan "It will surprise you ..." garnered much attention at the New York Home Fashion Market Week in September 2014. The campaign is implemented as a movie, as a brochure, and on posters. It helps the retailer in providing fast, informative, and image-focused advertisements to the customers. The campaign highlights: SeaCell™ is a sustainable fiber with added value, thanks to the very best properties of natural seaweed embedded in it. It offers wellness and anti-aging effects. The fiber is both regeneration and lifestyle, and brings some quality of life back into everyday life. SeaCell™ corresponds to the expectations of modern, active consumers.

The smartcel™ sensitive campaign also corresponds to the expectations of a new generation of consumers who are looking to buy textiles with added value. This is the point of approach for the campaign, under its special slogan: "smartcel™ sensitive – 'The beautification fiber'". Anyone who is conscious of their body, who prefers a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life, and who expects more from his home textiles, should get to know smartcel™ sensitive! The message of the campaign, presented as a film, shows that smartcel™ sensitive is the natural fiber with the essential trace element zinc. It is modern, patented, awarded with a prize for innovation and developed in Germany. The high-tech fiber combines regenerating and skin-protecting properties through the embedding of the high-quality, natural, and medically approved zinc oxide. The zinc oxide in the fiber also allows for the wearer to be naturally protected from UV radiation and harmful environmental influences. In addition, the fiber reduces unpleasant odors.

smartfiber AG at the Heimtextil 2015
Hall 8.0, booth H81






  smartfiber AG at the Heimtextil 2015
  Hall 8.0, booth H81





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