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Hohenstein confirms transfer of active substance zinc from a duvet filling with smartcel™ sensitive onto the skin

The renowned Hohenstein Institute, one of the most important independent research and testing institutions in the textile sector, confirmed the transfer of the active substance zinc from duvet fillings with smartcel™ sensitive onto the skin. The Hohenstein testing of duvets with a filling, that contains the smartcel™ sensitive-fiber with the essential trace element zinc by smartfiber AG, has proven the transfer of zinc from the duvet filling onto the skin. This means that the duvets with smartcel™ sensitive do transmit the positive effects – like skin protection and care – of zinc from the fiber to the sleeping person.

The wording of the test report by Hohenstein from February 2014 is: "in the present examination...the transfer of zinc from textiles onto the skin has been evaluated with the help of a technical skin model". The "transfer of the active substance from duvet fillings to the technical skin has been tested after 2 hours in a sleeping simulation with mechanical load in wet climate." The result: "under these conditions, a first test sample showed a transfer of 12,38 mg zinc per square meter skin". A second test sample "showed a transmission of 11,22 mg zinc per square meter skin under the given conditions".

As a result, the test report by Hohenstein, a neutral source, certifies the positive effects of the zinc fiber smartcel™ sensitive for the user. These positive effects even work out of a filling of a duvet, which does not directly touch the skin. The smartcel™ sensitive-fiber contains zinc white pharma 4 – a pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide made out of metallic zinc. The transfer of zinc oxide from textiles with smartcel™ sensitive onto the skin has hygienic, skin-caring, regenerative but also odor-reducing as well as antibacterial effects. Thereby the bedding with smartcel™ sensitive promises natural skin protection and effective care for the user – while sleeping.

Here you can watch the test report.

More information about the Hohenstein Institutes here.

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Reminder: smartfiber AG at trade fairs in the USA

NW Apparel and Footware Materials Show in Portland, Oregon

From 12th to 13th of March 2014 smartfiber AG will exhibit at stand 812 in the Convention Center in Portland.

Home Fashion Market Week in New York

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