Film: New York Home Fashion Market Week
  Presentation: Advertising material

Review: smartfiber AG at New York Home Fashion Market Week

In recent years, smartfiber AG has strengthened the presence of the power fibers SeaCell™ and smartcelsensitive on the international market. The company introduced the products specifically at international trade fairs and events. Also, the network of international representatives in the individual markets was gradually expanded.

A crucial target market is the US. This has been proven by smartfiber AG with their commitment at the New York Home Fashion Market Week 2014. On the 23rd of March 2014 the company was an official sponsor of the Home Textiles Today Market Kick-off Party. The opening party took place at 230 Fifth Avenue. On that occasion smartfiber AG invited to a "meet and greet“ at their presentation booth.
On the 25th of March
smartfiber AG presented the power fibers SeaCell™ and smartcelsensitive as well as selected end products of their customers in the showroom at the Corporate Suites Business Center.

Furthermore, several customers of
smartfiber AG exhibited their products with SeaCell™ and smartcelsensitive in their showrooms during Home Fashion Market Week.
In a Youtube film, smartfiber AG  makes their presence known at the New York Home Fashion Market Week.

Here you can watch the film

Support: smartfiber AG´s advertising material as short films 

smartfiber AG provides its customers and partners with promotional advertising material for SeaCell™ and smartcel sensitive products. Through the use of informative short films smartfiber AG presents these marketing tools and shows their function as well as their fields of application.

There are available presentation movies about table displays, hangtags, roll-up displays and x-banner in both English and German. These movies also describe the construction or the mounting of the advertising material.

smartfiber AG wants to support their customers’ sales of their products with SeaCell™ and smartcel sensitive – at trade fairs, events or at the point of sale!

Here you can watch the individual films of the advertising material:

Film table display SeaCell™

Film table display smartcel™ sensitive

Film hangtag SeaCell™

Film hangtag smartcel™ sensitive

Film rollup displays SeaCell™/ smartcel™ sensitive

Film x-banner display smartcel™ sensitive



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