Impressive: TV-report about SeaCell™-fibers
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Impressive and informative report about SeaCell in the German TV magazine nano, 3sat

A TV report in the magazine nano, which was broadcasted 21 August 2013, shows in a impressive way the advantages of the SeaCell-fiber by smartfiber AG using the example of the fashion collection by Christine Zillich.

The designer Christine Zillich creates individual and glamorous clothing. Her SEAWEED-collection bases 100 percent on the SeaCell-fiber. Thanks to the minerals of the seaweed in the fiber, SeaCell has a nourishing and calming effect on the skin.

The nano report describes the careful harvest and processing of the SeaCell-seaweed. This traceability of the SeaCell production process is very important to the textile producers. The report focuses also on the softness of the SeaCell-textiles.

For this reason, the fiber is very interesting for people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis. The film shows in which way SeaCell soothes and moisturises the skin – like a good skin cream. It presents the sustainable production process of the smartfiber AG-fiber including the patented technology and the permanently effect of the seaweed bonded with the cellulose fiber.

In the interview the nano-team also asks Dr. Cornelia Wiegand from the University Jena, who examinated the antioxidative effect and the cytotoxicity of the SeaCell-fiber. The research assistant is convinced of the certificate, especially with respect to the skin tolerance, the ability for the integration in textiles of all kinds and the protection against free radicals.

On our facebook-site you find the whole report about the SeaCell-fiber of the smartfiber AG in this issue of the TV magazine nano with an introduction and a back-announcement.

You can see the whole broadcast following the link. The report about the SeaCell-fiber starts at 22 minutes and 40 seconds.



Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, August 27-29, 2013, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China, Trade fair presence by smartfiber AG with Gracemore Inc.


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