Informative: New SeaCell™-image film
  Review: Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles
  Research: smartfiber-philosophy confirmed

The new SeaCell™-image film – all information about the high tech-fiber

The new SeaCell-image film explains all necessary about the seaweed-fiber of the smartfiber AG – descriptive, informative and clear. It is the ideal complement to the films "Seaweed harvest" and "Time to relax".

Selected videos, images and animations show the complete production chain – from the sustainable harvest of the ascophyllum nodosum seaweed to the gentle further processing up to the finished SeaCell-fiber. Furthermore, especially created animations show the unique effect of SeaCell™ in a very descriptive way. 

One thing is quite clear in this SeaCell-film: SeaCell stands for wellness, well-being & lifestyle and brings back some quality of life to the stressful daily routine.

The new SeaCell-film is available in the languages German, English and Italian. In every language there exists one film version with subtitles and one version with professional speakers each.

Watch the informative SeaCell-image film following these links:

SeaCell-image film English with speaker
SeaCell-image film English with subtitle

SeaCell-image film Italian with speaker
SeaCell-image film Italian with subtitle

SeaCell-image film German with speaker
SeaCell-image film German with subtitle

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Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

From 27th to 29th of August 2013, the smartfiber AG and their partner Gracemore Inc. exhibited at the Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, the trade fair for home textiles and accessories in China.

The Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles is one of the biggest and most important events of the home textile industry in China. The trade fair proved to be highly effective in attracting various manufacturers, designers, retailers and wholesalers and presented textiles for bed, bathroom, table and kitchen as well as decorations for walls and windows, upholstery fabrics and other possibilities for interior design.  

The team of smartfiber AG, represented by Gary Lin, and Gracemore Inc. presented the fibers SeaCell and smarcelsensitive as well as Gracemore-products, that are made of those fibers, to the interested industry professionals at the exhibition stand in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre.

Gracemore Inc. is a provider of bedding with headquarters in Shanghai. The client of 
smartfiber AG produces duvets integrating the SeaCell- and smarcel™ sensitive-fibers.

SeaCell can be used ideally for the production of home textiles that combine extraordinary softness with gentle care and provide protection against negative environmental influences. The smarcel™ sensitive-fiber with its cosmetic, skincaring, regenerative and antibacterial effect is ideally suited for home textiles of all kinds.

More information about Gacemore Inc.
More information about Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

New research confirms the smartfiber-philosopy: The softness of fibers and textiles has a direct impact on our well-being

The smartfiber AG bets on natural fibers that enable skin protection and care in textiles – thanks to their patented technology and inserted additives. The soft touch is crucial in textiles with the smartfiber-fibers SeaCell and smarcel™ sensitive

The priciple philosophy of smartfiber AG has now been confirmed by results of research by the Hohenstein Institute: Researchers found out, that the material of a textile has a bigger impact on the brain activity than previously assumed. The study proves that the textile layer which is closest to our body has a significant influence on our intellectual capacity. For this purpose, test subjects tried on different textile materials and thereby underwent an EEG brain scan. It turned out that particularly soft textiles are less likely to distract. Like this, there remains more space for thinking and attention in the brain. 

Particularly smooth and soft fabrics enhance the general sense of well-being and improve the quality of life – a message, smartfiber AG conveys since many years and that the study by Hohenstein now confirms. By integrating SeaCell- and smarcel™ sensitive-fibers, fabrics and textiles receive an extremely pleasant wearing comfort. As a result, people have the possibility to concentrate on the important and beautiful things in life.  

You can read the complete article about the study here.

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