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In the age of the Internet and online communication, social networks such as Facebook allow for a modern style of worldwide information exchange and as an easy accessible medium for news. Because smartfiber AG would like to provide their customers and business partners with an informative source of communication, relevant news, and information about the company, smartfiber AG decided to establish themselves on Facebook. News, events and everything our customers and business partners may want to know are collectively displayed and allow for a current and selective source of information.  As a "friend" of smartfiber AG, you will automatically receive the most recent news updates for everything related to smartfiber AG and our products. If you would like to get connected with smartfiber AG now, please see smartfiber AG’s weblink in order to connect to Facebook and add smartfiber AG as your "friend" or you may use this direct link.

smartcelclima is the focus of the MDR-Show "simply brilliant"

The temperature-regulating fiber smartcel clima was recently introduced in a thoroughly informative contribution by MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk). On February 15th, the innovation format "simply brilliant“ reported about the warmth-regulating functions of smartfiber AG’s clima fiber and the benefits for using the fibers in the manufacturing of bedding products. Next to bedding (mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, and bed linen), smartcel clima fibers ultimately and essentially useful for many other textiles, such as apparel with protection against hot and cold temperatures.  MDR thoroughly covered the secret of our fibers, the spun-in natural paraffin, which is responsible for the temperature-regulating property. smartfiber AG was already distinguished for this innovation in the 2008 Thuringian Research Award.  In 2010, our smartcel clima fibers were one of the recipients of the prestigious German Innovation Prize. This engaging TV-contribution "Simply brilliant“, which also reports on the manufacturing and functionalities of smartcel clima fibers, can be viewed directly on Youtube.

smartcelclima fibers improve FALKE Sport Socks

The prestigious German textile manufacturer FALKE, based in Schmallenberg, is renowned, among their other goods, for their high-quality sports apparel.  For their extraordinary muscle- and ankle-supporting sports socks "Trekking Stabilizer“, FALKE has selected smartcel clima fibers after thorough testing. The fibers‘ climate-regulating function is excellently suited for the highly demanding FALKE-manufactured leisure socks with the Ergonomic Sport System. In addition to the comfort-producing temperature-regulation, smartcel clima fibers also serve in injury-prevention and stabilization. FALKE ensures the "Trekking Stabilizer" for firm standing and optimal poise with padding in the vulnerable metatarsus and ankle area, as well as ensuring for less overheating, i.e. cooling, thanks to smartcel clima.  For more information on the "Trekking Stabilizer“ sports socks, please see:


Techtextil, Frankfurt 24th-26th May 2011, hall 4.1, booth G37

OutDoor, Friedrichshafen, 14th-17th July 2011


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