Overview: New products with smartfiber-fibers
  Service: smartfiber media packages with CD elements
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Overview of new products with integrated smartfiber AG-fibers   

The high-tech fibers of smartfiber AG are power products for the modern textile market. Many manufacturers already insert smartfiber AG’s fibers in their products. Some new products of our customers and partners enrich the textile market – here is an overview:

Manifattura Crespi: The eco-friendly Italian traditional factory uses the natural effect of the smartcelsensitive- and SeaCell-fibers
Manifattura Crespi is a family company which was founded in 1955 and is located in Milan. Crespi produces innovative jacquard wovens and knitted fabrics for mattresses, pillows, baby car seats, prams etc. Crespi’s philosophy is to develop natural and eco-friendly technology and procedures in accordance with the strictest environmental guidelines. Manifattura Crespi produces their quality fabrics, among others, by using the natural smartcelsensitive- and SeaCell -fibers.
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FASERWERKEN: Eco-friendly clothing and accessory with a health and wellbeing effect
FASERWERKEN is the brainchild of two twin sisters growing up in the tranquility of the German town Soest, learning the ropes of their craft and developing their unique style in the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld, before running ashore Berlins artsy coastline, where they lived happily ever after.
Inspired by Scandinavian spirit, infused with love for their homeland and grounded by their intimate connection to nature, the two sisters create in-touch-with-nature products made from plant fibers.
Anne and Hilka love colours and they are in tune with their inner child. Holger, independent artist and psychologist, develops delicate, inventive accessory made from natural materials. The three of them take great care to use only natural materials in their works, which are beneficial for the environment, your health and wellbeing.
FASERWERKEN equals soft surfaces and a cozy aura which charms and flatters the mind as well as the senses. Natural fibres like the
SeaCell-fibers made from seaweed are the sources from which their unique creations originate. Anne and Hilka spin the raw fibers carefully themselves with a spinning wheel. Like this, every product receives originality and uniqueness.
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etzner Textil AG : Fashion meets quality
Getzner Textil AG is now also on the market with smartcelsensitive-textiles.
Getzner Textil is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fashion fabrics for shirts and blouses.
Internationally renowned designers and manufacturers such as Armani, Hugo Boss or Lacoste have chosen Getzner as their partner.
Getzner is also the indisputable market leader for high-quality damask clothing fabrics which are particularly popular in Africa.
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Olaf Benz PEARL 1300: Impressive men´s underwear – now with the technology of the smartcelsensitive-wellness fiber
The men´s underwear collection of Olaf Benz includes classical basics, panties, briefs, shirts, bodies and beachwear for men. The smartcelsensitive-fiber, which is integrated in the textiles, is based on natural cellulose. The fiber contains efficient additives with a cosmetic, regenerating and antibacterial effect on the skin. Especially sportswear benefits from the characteristics of the smartcelsensitive-wellness fiber. A selection of shorts, pants, sports shirts and v-necks is available. The line also includes a casual shirt with long sleeves, casual slacks and a sleeveless bathrobe with a small hood. All articles are available in black and white.
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Service: New smartfiber AG media packages with CD elements

Fast and smooth transfer of data with our customers and partners – that is what smartfiber AG offers with its new media packages. The clearly arranged compilation of all important information allows to access pictures, CD elements and text material of the two labels SeaCelland smartcelsensitive and the company. This service simplifies access to firm-specific communication media of smartfiber AG which can be used for promotional activities – be it trade fairs, brochures, websites, point of sale advertising etc.
The media packages are divided according to specific target groups in clothing, home textiles and underwear and offer the adequate media for every customer.
The packages will be sent via download link and can be retrieved directly from the marketing director Natalia Kohne.
Contact Natalia Kohne: phone: +49 (0)36 72/34 94-0, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



NY NOW, the Market for Home & Lifestyle, August 17-21, 2013, New York, USA, Trade fair presence by some smartfiber AG customers and partners

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles,
August 27-29, 2013, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China, Trade fair presence by smartfiber AG with Gracemore Inc.


Set in scene: New SeaCell-film – ideal for usage at points of sale