Insight: Informative technology movie
Support: New advertising material
Planning: Ticket service Heimtextil 2013

Insight: Technology movie is completed and online

The smartfiber AG has realized a new, informative movie about the technology and the production process of their fibers. The movie shows the complete procedure of the fiber production – from the processing of the cellulose to the addition of the additives, the spinning and washing process up to the completion of the SeaCell® and smartcelsensitive fibers.

The individual processing steps are depicted and explained visually and textually. The movie gives a revealing insight into the production mechanisms – well worth seeing for everyone who is interested in the  smartfiber AG and its products.

Interested parties can watch the movie on the homepage of smartfiber AG's website or access it directly on the video platform Vimeo via this link:

Support: New advertising material for trade fair and point of sale

Customer-oriented and marketing supporting - that is how smartfiber AG operates in the creation and realization of new advertising material. The company makes available three new, sales supporting and stylish advertising materials, which are especially intended for the use at trade fairs and at the point of sale. 

The roll-up and table displays are ideally suited for the use at trade fairs, roadshows or directly for selling. The advantages of the
smartfiber fibers within the customers’ products are within the interested parties’ “grasp” via hangers with patterns of cloth. All marketing articles are available for the SeaCell® fiber as well as for the smartcelsensitive fiber.

For sales and marketing support, images and graphics of the new advertising material are available in the closed download area on the
smartfiber website on There you can order promotional items directly or give us a call for an order.

Planning: Ticket service for Heimtextil 2013

At the first trade fair highlight of the new year, "Heimtextil 2013", smartfiber AG presents the skin caring and protecting fibers SeaCell® and smartcelsensitive, which stand for health, sustainability and an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

From January, 9th to 12th, 2013 the company exhibits at its usual place in hall 8.0, booth H 81 at the trade fair Messe Frankfurt. If you want to visit our trade-show booth at Heimtextil and need tickets, please send an email to Ms Anita Varga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her: +49 (0) 3672 / 3494-0. We look forward to seeing you!

Photo: Impression from the trade-show booth of
smartfiber AG at Heimtextil 2012


Heimtextil, Frankfurt, January 9 -12, 2013, hall 8.0, booth H 81


Imformative: new image brochure presents everything you need to know about the company - from the production to the distribution of the smartfiber fibers