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Nowadays, new markets are only opened up through the use of exceptional creativity, environmentally friendly behavior, and highly developed customer service. This is the philosophy of smartfiber AG. smartfiber AG, with its headquarters in Rudolstadt, Germany, was founded in 2005. The company develops and markets innovative high-tech fibers for the international market. The enterprise succeeded in incorporating natural additives permanently into cellulosic fibers, known as lyocell, which has been found to have positive effects on the skin and body. The high-tech fibers with the internationally protected trademarks SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive are today the basis for innovative products in the textile and nonwovens industry.

smartfiber AG has succeeded in permanently incorporating natural additives, such as seaweed or zinc, into a cellulose fiber by using world-wide patented technology. This resulting cellulose fiber has been found to have a positive effect on the skin. smartfiber AG uses the production method as created by the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK), in which amine oxides are combined with water in the production process to physically disperse cellulose. From this the textile fibers are produced during a spinning process. smartfiber AG has received several awards in technology for their fiber innovations; among others, the renowned “Deutscher Innovationspreis“ (“German Innovation Prize“) in 2010.

Experience in production and focusing on quality – the basis for extraordinary fibers

To ensure the premium processing of the fibers, the company cooperates with selected international production partners in the entire textile-processing industry. Austrian enterprise Lenzing AG exclusively produces the lyocell fibers, developed by smartfiber AG, since the latter part of 2011.
The production on location at Lenzing is a result of the longstanding research and development partnership between the two companies. Lenzing‘s renowned competence in the production and processing of lyocell fibers, combined with smartfiber AG‘s know-how and innovative patented technology, has created the leading source for functional cellulosic fibers in the world. For more than 70 years our partner company Lenzing AG is setting the standard for quality and innovative strength regarding the industrial production of so-called man-made cellulose fibers. A highly specialized team of technicians and scientists supervise the production process on site. The test laboratories are also technologically up to date.

smartfiber AG puts great importance in the quality control of the utilized raw materials and end products, and also conducts all of its pollutant testing at independent institutes. All fibers are certified with Oeko-Tex® standard 100 (safe enough for babies). Both the fibers of smartfiber AG and the textiles made from those fibers have to pass several tests in order to get certified. After the completion of those tests, the function and ingredients of all textiles are tested again. This will guarantee the respective effect of the additives through active exchange between fiber and skin. Once the tested articles meet all the criteria, they receive the smartfiber AG label as their quality seal. The specially designed smartfiber AG labels and hang-tags make these products recognizable to customers as having immediate benefits – in other words, a visible promise of quality.

Environment in accordance with technology

smartfiber AG puts highest emphasis on sustainable economic activity and on heeding to environmentally friendly standards in producing their lyocell fibers. The company strictly adheres to the company’s motto: “Anything against nature won’t abide for any length of time“ (Charles Darwin). The lyocell process is a purely physical one. In contrast to the viscose process or cotton process, processing lyocell is characterized by an eco-friendly standard, the closed solvent circuit. During the process, cellulose is solubilized in a nitrogenous solvent and then brought into its fiber form. The advantage of this production process is that the production takes place in a closed circuit and there are no chemicals disposed of as waste. The fibers of smartfiber AG are made of biogenic raw materials. They are sustainable and completely biodegradable, therefore adhering to the expectations of the industry and modern customers. Here is the best example of sustainable thinking and acting by smartfiber AG: The SeaCell™ seaweed is always harvested in a gentle and sustainable way. A certain section of the so-called regenerative region of the seaweed is allowed to be harvested only once every four years.

High quality products for higher quality of life

SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive are power fibers with added value – thanks to their “inner values“. They are technologically constantly evolving.

SeaCell™ containing seaweed is the basis for high quality natural textiles that benefit the skin. The seaweed found in the SeaCell™-fibers is harvested in the cold, pure fjords of Iceland. They are particularly rich in minerals and trace elements and aid in the regeneration and revitalization of the skin. This is because seaweed contains antioxidants, a natural protection against free radicals. Antioxidants minimize the damage that environmental influences can have on the skin. SeaCell™ also lends all textiles a particularly soft and smooth touch and provides the wearer excellent comfort. The fiber is suitable for home textiles, underwear, activewear, leisurewear, and also nonwovens.
smartcel™ sensitive fiber utilizes the skin-caring properties of the essential trace element zinc. Zinc oxide plays an important part in human nutrition and as a component of skin-building enzymes. It is directly incorporated into the fiber, which as a result regenerates and revitalizes the skin. smartcel™ sensitive fiber also contains the odor-reducing properties of zinc oxide.
Because of these characteristics, smartcel™ sensitive is especially applicable in fields where hygiene, odor control, and skin care are in high demand – such as for underwear, activewear, leisurewear, medicinal uses, the bedding industry, and nonwovens.

Brands with high recognition value

The functional fibers SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive are the basis for innovative products in a variety of industrial sectors. The areas of the fibers‘ applications are numerous and not limited to the textile industry. Textile products that include SeaCell™ and smartcel™ sensitive fibers are already on the market, and are showing themselves on a dynamic upward trend. This is also the result of smartfiber AG‘s flexible customer service, which offers individual and marketing-oriented solutions in all areas. The introduction and presence of smartfiber AG products to the market and its customers are supported by a targeted marketing strategy. That strategy utilizes promotional concepts and a particular focus on direct and ongoing communication. smartfiber AG’s customers can fall back on promotional advertising material. This offer is rounded off by the addition of current advertising, print, film, and photo material and informative communications through social media platforms. smartfiber AG provides active sales and marketing support for their customers - even at the point of sale.
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